Getting e-screwed


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Retalitory feedback

People who dick you over and then give negative feedback back .

In my opinion the people who give you feedback back right away are the least likely to screw you .

Ebay does little to stop or fix these problems , and especially dont care about your feedback .

Whats a way to stop this ?
Yeah, Retalitory feedback sucks! Here's a story of mine,

I once was the high bidder for some arcade machine side art on ebay, I didn't hear from the seller for two days.

I emailed him about it FIVE times, after the fifth email he got kind of snotty and told me he never got the emails, and wasn't going to sell it for such a low price anyway (like $12) and he relisted it!

So I left him neg feedback. Come back later that night to see I had been retaliated against! (It was total BS too)

so I contacted eBay about it, and they did little to help.

From what I can tell there isn't much you can do about reltalitory feedback, All you can do is post a follow up on the feedback page.

I never could figure out why that guy just didn't do a reserve price auction ??? I suppose It could have been worse, he could have taken my money too.
Reserve auction cost $ .

Setting a minimuim bid price is free .

Yeah I had that same experience I won a arcade PC Board twin romstar or somthing and manual for $10 .

I emailed the guy and he wouldnt respond .

After about 3 days he wrote back 'hey just back the game broke while I was gone sorry .

So I wrote him back saying I wanted it any ways I figured hey I see manuals selling for $10 + I can use the roms ect for spare parts .

Never wrote me back . i emailed him back a few more times and no responce . Five days after this I left -negative feedback .

Its so funny because within 5 minutes I got a nasty email back from him saying he just left me -feedback back because what goes around comes around .

Then he wrote all the people I was buying things from or selling things to all kinds of lies . A bunch of these people laughed and forwarded the email back to me .
There's that Arbitration jazz, something called 'Square Deal'. But you have to pay for it.

The thing is, while bidding is binding, there's nothing to enforce it. It's overtly protective of the seller, even if their practices are underhanded, as that's how ebay makes a profit.

Especially when the bid is that low. Keep in mind ebay gets a cut of the bid; a much bigger cut when the final going price is higher (I mean, they have specified percentages for items over $25, $50, $100, etc.)

And if the seller decides to relist, he / she has to pay eBay again. So more power to them, I suppose. And less power for the bidder.

As far as feedback is concerned, I don't think people really look anymore. But that's just me. If you have a number greater than 50 most people seemingly assume that they're good sellers, even if that is the first time they've ever sold something.
Yeah, that's true.

The funny thing about the dork I dealt with was the fact that when he sent me that E-nasty-gram he used the "reply" feature on the first email that I had sent to him that he supposedly never got.

I know, because the text was still at the bottom!

It's amazing how the E-jerks ignore you until you Neg-

feedback them isn't it ???
I just had feedback removed about a week ago. I paid for a cheap video, he kinda dropped off the face of the earth, and after about 3 months I gave up and left him negative feedback. Aparently he was still around because after only 2 hours he left me negative feedback (when he hadn't responded to any email in the past two months).

Anyways, I was royally pissed, so I looked at the feedback removal requirements and wrote ebay a nice letter. I told them he registered with a fake name and a fake phone number, and the feedback was removed within a day. Plus he was suspended from eBay
And the moral of the story....Look at the feedback profile. NOT JUST THE NUMBER.

C'mon people! I've done over a hundred buys/sells on eBay...and haven't had one single problem. It isn't eBay's fault if bidders don't check out who they deal with. That's the customer's job in real life, and it's no different online.

Just my two pennies.
i hate ebay stupid thing no matter what if a buyer gets 3 bad rates he is suspended if a seller gets a bad rate it doesn't matter.
Sure it does matter....

Try this tho...we are selling GAME items! (Items that we use in the game itself)

Ultima Online is VERY profitable!

Can make a easy 400-1000$ for a good account....

Mines worth 400-500$ alone right now
Ebay doesn't boot people just because they have multiple negative feedbacks. They suspend poeple who have been reported to them, this is why bidders get removed faster. Every seller out there will apply for their final auction value fee to be reimbursed after encountering a deadbeat. But many bidders don't report the sellers to eBay, they just leave feedback. I think this is because before eBay didn't make it too clear how you could report deadbeat sellers (now they have fraud report links half everywhere
). Plus ebay investigates deadbeat sellers, so it takes em a days longer to get rid of them.

Hmmm, I'm kinda tempted to make a new account and see just how much negative feedback I could earn. I wouldn't screw anybody, I'd just ask for negatives rather than positves
and see if I can get a (-50). I wonder if anyones tried this before and has a crazy record?
eBay has gone to hell over the past few months. When they merged with half, THEY messed up my email, I couldn't fix it, so when I emailed them about it, they shut down my account saying the email was invalid. I tried to explain to them, but apparently when they merged with half, they set up a second account with the correct email. So they said they want to merge the two accounts to keep the feedback and stuff, but I told them to just delete the second account and change the email on the first one since I haven't used the second one. No response. So now I have to wait 60 days for them to start the merging, and 60 days for them to complete. 4 months because THEY screwed up my email, and that's only if I dont use either account.

And you can get feedback retracted. A guy I bought a game from recently never responded to my emails. I left him negative feedback, and he followed up saying my email address was invalid even though I sent him several emails tell him that the email address eBay had on file was invalid and gave him another one to contact me with. I couldn't follow up because my account was suspended and he got it retracted.
hey, anyone else notice that the page to view an item says that bidding in an auction is a leaglly binding contract? if it was that big of a deal, like something worth a few hundred but sold for much much less and you really wanted it. you can prolly do something about it in the courts.
I'm not even sure what you're trying to say, after reading it three times. That said, all the contract stuff means: if you win, you gotta pay. That's all.
Speaking of not understanding what somebody says Mysticales what are you talking about your Utlima online being worth $500 ?
Some people on eBay will actually buy items that others find in online RPGs.

So, say you're playing an online RPG like Everquest or Ultima Online and you find a RARE MAGICAL SUPER SWORD OF POTATO. Instead of equipping it on your character, you could sell your RARE MAGICAL SUPER SWORD OF POTATO on eBay to somebody who wants it for their character. Essentially, they're paying for a piece of code in a computer game, and essentially, you can make mucho money doing this.

Some people will create powerful characters in online RPGs, give them powerful equipment, then sell them on eBay once they're bored with them. I've seen some auctions for powerful characters hit the $1,000 mark before. It's ludicrous.