gg action replay problem? need a new one?

i bought a gg action replay from ebay.

there is a problem it seems that not all

the pins are connecting good.

the gg game starts in a letter boxed like if the gg is

in master system mode. you get the same look when you pull the gg game out when it is still on.

the first time i do the seach the colors are normal

and the when you return to the game the game is back in full screen mode. when you bring up the action replay screen again its colors are messed up then.

some times you cant even see the cursor. but from then on the game stays in the normal full screen mode.

the codes still work just the video seems messed up??

i am also looking for a sms action replay know a place to get one?


Ban Hammered
I recived a GG action replay today from ebay, boxed with instructions, did u get the instructions?

Anyway i found that when you bring up the action replay screen some times the curser is missing from the option screen. To be honest i think your action replay just needs a good clean,all the pins and the board.

The whole thing is a bit fiddly and moving the game pluged into it even a bit can mess it up...

The great thing i found out though is that if you connect a master system convertor to the action replay and then to the game gear, u can play ur master system games and cheet using tha action replay. even more fiddly though as you have to squize them all together. but works a treat.

If you need the instructions for the action replay i would gladly e-mail u them.