Going mad!


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I've asked this before but nobody answered, it was probably overlooked as it was rather late in an existing thread.

I have a burned copy of Thunder Force Gold Pack II which I burned from one ISO track and two audio files. Game works fine on my Saturn, no problem.

Then, later, I keep hearing ppl talk about *two* data tracks (a Mode1 and a Mode2) in TFGP2. My question is, do I actually have an incomplete burn? Is there really supposed to be a second data track? (What's on it)?

If so, then I'm really surprised that my burn works, as one would think that the game would horribly crash upon not finding whatever data is in that Mode2 track. I'm assuming that it contains FMV video? I haven't seen any, is that what I'm missing?

Would appreciate some light shed on this mystery...
u would be right in assuming that its just fmv file

i got the 2 iso`s one along with the mp3`s

ive burnt it fine and it contains the fmv

nothing to see really just an intro

but if u need it i will gladly pass it on to u so u can make a new copy with it in

pm dude