Gold Gamegear?

Wasn't there a GoldGameGear released in Japan? I think I saw some pics of it in EGM or something...

Just wondering how much it costs then, and how much it would go for on eBay now...

Anyone got any details?
Yeah, there was a gold gamegear made encrusted with diamonds, it was ridiculously expensive and I dont think many were even made.
#### that is so sweet!

i wish i had one

does anyone have any info on it?

pics/how many made/price/where to get it/any other info?
I think only a few were made, I got some pics of it in an old egm issue. looked cool and cheap all at the same time.
A gold game gear? cool! Lets just hope it supports the TV tuner................
if you have sonic jam on the saturn, one of the japanese ads has a picture of it, they show 3 gamegears as it says "GG Colection!" one black, one yellow,er gold, and one blue