Good Email Service

Say could anyone recommend a good email service that has a bigger file attachment limit than 1 Meg. I have some Sega Art I like to sent in the original .BMP format (I have no graphics packages to convert it into proper .jpg's without losing some qualty), and since my hotmail account doesn't support more than 1 meg hoping someone might know a better service.

I have some D&A 2 and Shining Force 3 pictures I can sent in anyway if you could help me anyway :)

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I use my Yahoo email to email IceMan2k the DOA2 pics, RARed into 1 MB (exactly 1,048,576 bytes) chunks. According to Yahoo's Sending Mail help page, " can send up to three attachments totaling 1.5 MB in any email message."

When emailing attachments, you need to take into account how long it takes to upload the attachment into your email server and then email it, as well as how long it take to download the attachment when the receiver receives the email.

Attaching really big attachments (e.g., over 1.5 MB) is really not a good idea IMO for the sender.
When I used use AOL, they would let files of up to 16 megs in size go through. I don't use aol anymore though, got cable, and I have to sday that their is no way I will ever be going back to AOL again.
Say I have no problem senting big files (since I'm on Cable Modem), its just finding a service that can take these bigs .BMP files (zipped the are still 3 MB).

Well my other alternative is to covert them into same quality .JPG's. Anyone recommend any free program that can do without losing any quality?
Well you will always lose some quality when you compress files. But look up at my sig picture, thats a compressed gif image, I used Ulead gif animator to convert a bmp into it. Ulead goes up to 24 bit color, so it will work with just about all pictures. After wards, I then use a gif compression utility (didn't use it on my sig picture) wich can reduce file sizes from 400k to 15k. That programs name is SuperGIF, you can get it at

After that if you arn't going to be displaying them right then, you can use winrar to compress them even further, but by this point they should be small enough to be sent over any e-mail service.
The png format isn't that new, I have png files that I kept from up to three years ago. In comparison to jpeg and gif its new, but on its own, not realy.

it's a free pop3 service that gives you 50 megs of their server space, but they delete all mail older than 7 days (which is reasonable, as they expect you to download it to your own computer). they have a web interface, but it sucks. so I recommend this if you access your mail from the same box every day
usually if u zip bitmaps, or (even better) use multimedia compression with WinACE, AND set the dictionary size to the max, and that usually keeps it pretty small (coz BMP doesnt use any compression, it compresses better than, say, an MP3

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My problem is that I can't acutally sent my pictures due the size and limit on my mail account (hotmail for you), I'm not looking for acutal webspace. Small update anyway, the 3 DoA BMP are still too big when converting to .PNG. It reduced it but still too big for me to sent. I'll see what I can do anyway.

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Death is the answer, I mean has the answer. See his post above. I think you may be able to upload using FTP, if not, then some web based uploader. ;)

Paint Shop Pro. They should have a demo version up there, or just hit a few warez sites and find the full version. It is extremely easy to use for simple graphic editing.

You may need to resize the images in addition to making them JPG. If they're wallpapers, make them 800X600 or 620x480. Windows can stretch a wallpaper to full screen size easy enough, and then they won't take up much space. (a 620x480 BMP is only about 900K).
Im telling you, streamload is the way to go. Its got fast servers, unlimited webspace (I have 80 gigs of stuff on mine account alone), and is completly free as long as the filkes you want to upload/download are not past 20 mb each. Also, Iceman2k, I sent you an e-mail like a week ago about sending you that vid of pds I made, why havn't you responded?