Got myself a Pro Action Replay...

'evening folks,

This linkport on the Pro Action Replay is meant for updating the codes and firmware, isn't it? Any place where I can find some updates for software (my current one is in German and that sucks) or codes?
I take it you don't understand German, then. Well, can you take a few photos and maybe a screenshot so we can have a tiny look at it ourselves? Also, who manufactured your cartridge? This is very important! I'd say it's most likely EMS from Hong Kong (EMS), but please ask here again before flashing!

well, I can understand German but not that good. Basically I can make out the menu options and stuff, but I want to sell it soon to buy an EMS 4-in-1 (the one I have now has no extra RAM) and the demand for German versions ain't that high I think here in Holland.

By the way, I'm pretty certain it's a Datel one. When I open it up and look at the PCB it says "Datel-#??" ?? being some number.
You can always try to sell it on Germany's ebay or maybe internationally, I think people are always in need of import adapters (even with menus in German).

If you really got a Datel one, then don't flash it at all. Not before you know what the latest version of the firmware is and so on. The EMS firmware probably will not work, and you could end up with a cart that doesn't like flashing anymore.

well mine is version 1.0f , sounds a bit low to me. So there aren't any official Datel firmware upgrades? And any new codes (mine has about 15 games supported)?
I have a package which claims to hold version 1.81 of the Datel firmware, but if you're only after new cheat codes (and there's probably not much else different between the versions) you can find lots of them on the net and enter them yourself.