graphic adventure

what are all the graphic adventure games for the Sega cd. I was always a big fan of this type of game and that's the one reason i bought the playstation it had this type of game before saturn. (for those that don't know what i'm talking about willy beamish is an example and also i'd consider monkey island one)

the only ones i remember and played before are but i think there's one that i always wanted for the sega cd and never got(or maybe it was on the playstation in japan and never came to america that's why i'm starting this post to figure out if it was for the playstation or sega cd)

secret of monkey island

willy beamish

rise of the dragon

Serious? Not askin for the iso or anything (but would really appreciate it) but I would REALLY like to see this game in action. Any pics? What changes did it have?
it's no better than the sega cd version , some things were redrawn the psx version was very censored but the saturn was a bit less censored the opening where gilian talks to his wife is gone
there is also urusei yatsura it is like willy beamish but very cinematic and full of voices but it's only in japanese, but it's not hard to play and the voice actors are very good