grrrrr, damn pics printing TOO small....

Pearl Jammzz

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Ok, I am trying to make sum inserts for my Saturn games so I can have a cover and shit...the only prob is is that when I print it ALWAYS prints the wrong size, unless I use my .psd document, but I want to dist. these SO I need a smaller format. All formats I have tried wont print out at the size they are suppost to.....Any help?
Are you using cover/label designing software? Are you printing on labels or regular paper?

Are your printer's default options set to NOT resize any images that are sent to it?
Then how do you ensure the correct image size in the first place?

And what is this .psd document you mention associated with?

You have Nero by any chance? It's got a cover designer... I'm thinking you wouldn't have to use it to actually make your covers, but to resize your existing one automatically to the correct size for CD jewel case inserts, then print...
ya, I used sumthin similar before...but I wanna dist. these. and a .psd doc is a photoshop document. I set the size in that then output the file type.

I used to use CoverPro, it's a small app that resize's any image to any size, that is, if you set the target size to: 12.1x12.1 (cm), you'll be able to print it correctly sized to insert in the cover of a cd jewel case.
exactly, that's what I am talkin the first post again. I have em in .psd documents (which I HUGE) and I wanna put it in a smaller and more convenient (sp¿) file .jpg. BUT when I do this, they print out all different sizes on my machine....yet the size of it is suppost to be the correct cd case size. and yes, I have used proggys as such but I wanna do it without having to dist. a program w/ it.
Now I understand your question. Without knowing exactly what software you're using to convert to .jpg and/or print, though, I can't really answer it.

Are you getting anywhere close to the desired print size, or is it WAY off? Does the .psd document store any additional info that gets lost in the .jpg file? Maybe it's being resized during conversion unintentionally?

I'm kinda tapping in the dark here, wish I could be of more help.