Gun frontier owners (request)

Would someone be so kind as to post the .cue file for Gun Frontier. Or send it to me in a message if ya like. I burned an iso+wav, but the audio is out of sync. At first I thought it was possibly the "addition" of 2 seconds of silence during the mp3-wav conversion(but the audio files are good - no extra silence). After doing some searching, I found out wavs on some games need start/end times written into the cue. For example, the wav for the 1st level doesn't play at all - like playing a ripped game, hehe.

thnx in advance for any help
I'll see what I can do.

Usually requests for cuesheets are cool, unless it's for Snatcher.

It's best not to ask...
Well the good news is you don't have to do a full image dump to have cdrwin write the cue(simply cancel the dump once it starts reading the audio tracks - the long part). By this time the cue has already been written, and cancelling the dump will erase the iso/bin, but not the cue. But you prolly already

knew that mal

fyi, my cue has a pregap of 2 seconds for each track,

no postgaps
Can't help you I'm afraid.

My copy exhibits the same characteristics as yours.

I hadn't played it for ages and had just plain forgotten.