gundam 0079 side story

man i just got this game yesterday and i couldn't put it down till i feel asleep -- i liked it that much -- i almost never just play one game ((unless i get into a rpg))

can ne1 tell me if the gundam games on the saturn are this good

IMO, this is the best in the series, but the Saturn ones are also excellent


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I know there is a Gundam Wing game for SNES/SFC, but how about a Gundam Wing for Sat? I know there's a Mobile Suit Gundam (original series) game for Saturn. How about G Gundam?
i think there is only 4 gundam games for the saturn --- i was looking them up this morning

the gundam gaiden series and the side scrolling shooter


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its never too late with a classic like this game, a visual treat, man I gotta beat it, though, *sigh*. still great game..
i got this gundam federation vs zeon forces in the mail yesterday.. plays awsome, much more user friendly than 0079, also the graphics are un freaking believable