GunGriffon and GunGriffon 2 -HI SCORES-

Hi all! Im starting this GUN GRIFFON appreciation thread for our hi scores and any helpful information related to Gun Griffon and Gun Griffon 2.
Gun Griffon was the reason i bought a Saturn!

Post hi score proof in a screen shot pic(camera)...or a video would be extra crazy cool if you can be bothered. Should we include our old score book scores gents? If you are like me then you'll have one sitting around you wrote all hi scores in for Saturn right?

Well, i guess i'll kick things off then. Got better scores on paper for mission 1...struggling with mission 2. Damn i love this game!

Gun Griffon and Gun Griffon 2 HI-SCORES Hard mode Missions - Survival
MISSION 1 - HARD 71.png

MISSON 2 - HARD 65.png

Mission 2 video anomalies
Before some gun griffon nerd like me, feels the need to point out the MG cross hair ending in my video...yes, i stole that ending from another recording, hence those 30mm MG crosshairs before the "mission complete - try next mission", part. Im sorry, i had no choice. I had to do it. The replay function doesn't produce a "mission complete" end scene if you happen to only have that to record a video from because some idiot forgot to press record on the DVD to begin with...Still have 3 Fire Support available at the end though. I try not use them. Same for using a wingman.

*The CH-47 supply chopper @1.54, and the mini map CH-47 supply chopper straight after.

*One extra ATM @5.45, for the 2nd enemy high-mac. I stole that bit/scene from a previous recording also.

...i better add the video i made of the 1st mission here too. Has it really been 8 years since i made this??

I feel very bad that i have been neglecting Gun Griffon one ever since i got hold of Gun Griffon 2.

Im a bad Saturn console dad. I must do something about it and fix this soon..

Original Gun Griffon one and two score book scans. For what it is worth as a reference point in 2019.
GG1. HI SCORE.2.r.jpg

GG2.HI SCORE.1.r.jpg
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Great !! I'm honestly not a lot in Gun Griffon, but that's a joy to see people still being passionate about this game in 2019 :)
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I tell you a secret cafe-alpha, i PM'd an admin about doing this thread in 2016! A lot has been going on here and i have been trying to get a recording of mission 2 on hard mode over 75% for some serious months.
Don't have the "dark net" but i have searched the "normal net" high and low for hi score records on GunGriffon 1 or 2 and didn't find much, so it looks to me like will be the official - unofficial keeper of stats and info relating to these two Saturn titles till the end of time, starting now.

Found this 2017 GG2 video which has been upscaled to 720p, and even though it's just the first mission on easy mode, it looks simply stunning compared to my SVHS-RCA DVD recording!


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I see, thank you for sharing this secret ^^ And I agree with you that segaxtreme is a perfect place for sharing everything good about Saturn :)
GG2 "RESET" message!

I am sure i've seen this "RESET" topic here somewhere, as well as scattered around parts of the net else where. Didn't take much notice of it all, until it just happened to me.
This is how i fluked fixing my Gun Griffon2 "RESET" message on a modded PAL Saturn, and could someone please kindly translate this GG2 pic if possible? Thanks in Advance :)
Started by copying save games, configs, from memory carts which successfully copied to the system, but would not show up after reboot in memory manager. When that failed i booted Gun Griffon 1 up and got the black and white message, "Backup RAM not ready." Pressing L or R button with the reset button just took me to the day,month,year, time set up.

At this point i'd completely given up with this Gun Griffon 2 "RESET" message and started testing some random backups. When i happened to boot "Loaded" i was given a screen i did not take a picture of, and probably should of. It said something like, the Saturn's system memory was not configured to save games, would i like to configure the Saturns system memory? ...i clicked "YES". Played "Loaded" for a little bit then booted up Gun Griffon 1 and completed mission one so the system had a save reference, then booted up Gun Griffon 2 and we were back in the game!!

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Far out i don't know how many attempts its taken me these past months to simply even finish mission 3 alive! This is not the score i was hoping for, but for now it will have to do i guess. I am not going to make a video of this mission until i can get the score closer to the 70% mark while not lose too many friendlies.
This is a very sneakily coded mission. If you stay alive till the first re-arm point at the helo. Don't get sucked in to taking out the first wave of inbound enemy while you are re-loading. Three enemy vics enter the map from the south west coming straight for you then turn away just before they get into range, they head back out in a north westerly direction. Stay on the chopper for max re-loads and damage heal. Mission enemy lil bird choppers are quick little buggers also, they'll do a lot of damage to your friendly convoy if you ignore them, so try not to let these darn pesky rascals get past you.

Good luck!
Mission 3 64pcnt.jpg
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