haha im a total dumbass

How in the heck do u save ur game in panzer dragoon saga?
My perfered method would be the finding of an "ancient device" then accessing it! This will bring up the save screen
They look like stone ring type things. Or you can access the tent when you're camping somewhere and save.
hehe got it now
oh and I read the walkthrough and it says access all the box but how da heck do I do this? and these are the box right from the beginning where u are flying and they are like on clothes lines. One las thing since PDS is 4 CDs wat happens after I finish disc 1 and go on to disc two? since Im using the swap trick do I have to do it again or wat?
IT will but do as our supreme moderator ordered , because it wont work with copys, it will do teh security check and stop, so just save and reboot!
Weapon, you seem to be a little confused... you can't stay in the game and just insert the next disc since opening the lid to do so bumps the Saturn back to the BIOS screen. ;-) That's why you save your game, then *boot* with disc 2 (and reload your saved game from there). So you do the swap trick with discs 2, 3 and 4 the same way you did with disc 1. Simple...

And no, with a mod chip you won't have any problems of any kind...