Panzer Dragoon Saga: extracting missing SEQ from the ROM


I’m currently extracting all the music files from the rom of PDS, I can get the .seq (midi) and .bin (soundbank) for every track basically, but I can’t seem to find some tracks that are on the official memorial album of Panzer Dragoon Saga, like “Into the promised land”, “Tears”, "Wings", "Eternal Farewell" and more.

How to get them? They are in a different format? They were only added in the release album and not in the official game? Or maybe they are tied to a cutscene so there isn't any seq file?

You can get a list of all the files here: Panzer Dragoon Saga (Dec 22, 1997 prototype) - Hidden Palace

Thank you
I checked the .cpk files and yes, those lacking music are tied to cutscenes so they are PCM files... *sad react*