Panzer Dragoon Saga problem

I have got a copy of Panzer dragoon Saga (US) recently, trying to run it on my Jap machine with the import+action replay cart, but the game load up and display "Remove the Cart" message, i wonder if there is any way to get pass it,thanks

P.s. i tried to use the saturn country coder program, the game boots normally and showed a fmv movie, but after that, the screen goes blank and then back to the cd player menu, i wonder was wrong with it. btw i used cdrwin to extract the bin file

plz help
PDS is programmed to stop you using cheat carts. Apparently the ST-Key does work though.

Somewhere on the Saturn forum is a thread about a software patch to remove the cart check.

Did you just extract the data track or the whole disc as a bin/cue? I've think that PDS will dump you to the CD player if it has no audio tracks.
there´s a program called Satconv I think which can change the country code of a CD image. Just extract the images, patch them four your country and burn them back. I hope you have a modchip, otherwise happy swapping, but at least it will work.