Half Life 2 delayed!!!


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This one of the big games I am really looking forward to and after they firmly said they would release it at the end of september now they are saying by sometime at the end of the year. :eek:mg:

Gutted.. Think I'll buy some more RAM instead so at least I'm a bit more prepared for it when it does come ;) . Mind you, Deus Ex 2 is supposed to be a couple of months away also so that should keep me busy.
Actualy, their are alot of rumors circulating concening this matter. A few web sites have said that the game has been delayed, one said it was due to the lack of anti-aliasing support, another said it was to implement a new type of key security system to hold of the pirates for a while. However, the fact that it has been delayed at all is under investigation, as Gabe (one of the creators of half-life 2) has been mailed asking if their really is a delay, and his response was:


First time I've heard about it.

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Valve (the company making Half-Life 2) has been contacted, but has yet to give a response as to the current situation, and if the delay is simply a rumor, or if its true.

So keep your hopes up, the game may still be on track for its appointed release of September.

Edit: Supergrom: Team Fortress 2 has not been canceled, and current rumors indicate that the games code is being updated to work properly with the Half-Life 2 physics engine.

Edit2: Something all you anticipating Half-Life 2 might get a kick out of.