Half Life 2 Episode Two Ending **Spoilers!**

I just completed Half Life 2 Episode 2 on the PC. It was better compared to Episode 1 as it felt longer and graphics were improved. The story line was dark, sinister & dramatic as it should be in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game, with nice twists and contrasts in the tale, but what greatly surprised me was the ending!

How could they have killed Dr. Eli Vance, a key role character in such a culminating pivotal moment, right before they embark on their search for the Borealis science vessel in the Arctic? Twice he tried to reveal something to Gordon about the sinister past at Black Mesa, but was interrupted and said that they would talk about it later! So what were those dark secrets and who will reveal them now, the G-Man?

I prefer sad / dramatic endings over the smirky / corny endings we usually get in modern boring Hollywood films, but I think they should have saved such an event for Episode 3.

Over all this is an awesome series and can’t wait for Episode 3! Anyone know of the release date?