Half-Life 2 Source Code Stolen


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Now that it's been leaked it's really easy to find, for shits and giggles I decided to see if I could find it and it took less than 5 minutes. I know very little about programming, so I have no use for it lol... so it got deleted.
In a way I want to feel sorry for Valve, but in reality, I don't.

Certainly it was not right for someone to steal the source code for Half-Life 2, and who ever did this should be arrested (however as unlikely as it is).

However, I don't feel sorry. Valve should realize that in a world like today, security is a major issue and many systems are compromised daily. When your connected to such a massive network as the Internet, things like a strong and secure intranet, good firewall protection, regular Windows Updates, and up to date virus-definitions should not be a possiblity, they are a necessity. Valve should of known this, or had a capable IT individual who should of know this, and dealt with the situation after the first few days where issues occured.

I know some may see this as mean, but take an example: If I go to Iraq on a peace keeping mission and get shot in the leg for just being there, it's not really right. BUT I'm still an idiot for putting myself in the situation where I could be shot. It dangerous over there. And so is the Internet.

But I'm not going to bear down on Valve any more than that since I'm sure thier publisher is doing a fine job of that. Guess they can try to look on the bright side: at least thier thier not publicly held.
The source is pretty much useless anyway. Without the data files you can't recreate the game in any way. I doubt the person got the game tools that would let them create levels and such. If the source was to ever be used in another application that would become very clear quickly and no legit company would ever use it. So basically except for a curiosity value and some small underground uses it's quite useless really. Besides with the game still months away the source is probably riddled with bugs and holes and just plain bad code.
all that is going to do is hinder the release of this long awaited game.

fucken dickheads.

"ooooo i can hack Valve and steal the source code"

too bad its useless to you wankers.

anyway i hope Valve can quickly sort this security problem out and complete the game.

did you guys know there was already a major problem with HL2 anyway?

i dont remember all the details but it was something to do with the anti-aliasing.

apparently the current NVidia cards wont be able to play HL2 with anti-aliasing on due to the way the game engine works, BUT owners of the top-class ATi cards can. so there were conspiracy theories going on there which of course arent true, but anyway...


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The code is useless if you're trying to recreate the complete game, but it's pure gold for all the cheaters out there. Also, if their engine had any really new and revolutionary features the secrets are now "out there", even though no commercial company would be caught dead using the code.

IIRC the nVidia anti-aliasing issue was solved in a driver update.


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I don't know...there are companies out there who probably would consider using at least some of the code - afterall, their products are also meant to be closed source. How could Valve prove that copyrighted code was used without seeing the code?


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If someone gets suspicious (eg. some detail works exactly like the one in HL2 under all circumstances) they can look at the disassembly and compare how the code works. In the past, open-source code has correctly been identified from closed-source software, so it can be done if someone cares enough. The legal risks are enough to dissuade most legit software houses.
The code in reality is more than useful though. It's true that the individual cannot build his own copy of Half-Life 2 (due to the models, etc being missing). However, many other things like:

-Thier entire graphics engine

-Thier techniques for lighting

-Thier techniques for physics

-Thier AI

-Thier code comments

-Possible third party code that they licensed

These, along with other aspects, are the things that made Half-Life 2's development phase so incredibly long and are easily the most advanced aspects of the program (and the most valuable). When other companies are looking license Valve's engine, this is what thier looking to get, not the specific graphics and models in the game.

Of course, they also expose themselves to hacks or cheats also (though I'm sure some work will be done to fix this).