Happy Birthday Astro Boy!


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Born April 7, 2003

Oh boy! This is great news for me heh

I was a huge fan of Astro Boy during my childhood... I used to always watch it in the early morning before going to school.

It seems that the old classics are coming back to life... like TMNT and He-Man...

Seems people are realizing how good they really are =)

BTW: Is the classic Astro Boy being shown anywhere right now in North America?
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.....sorry for my lack of 'Joy-Joy' happiness, but i've never seen it before....so i guess i can't realy say much bout it till i see it!..........on a 1-10 scale where does it rank compared to other 'Classics, like TMNT or Transformers??

(btw...if JCTango watched this when he was a child, should Mal's post of said 'Reborn' or 'Resurected' instead of 'Born'?


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According the the story, AstroBoy was 'born' in 2003.

The anime was first made in the 1960's with the colour episodes made in the early 80's.