Has anyone seen this?


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First, Alexvrb mentioned it in this forum, then IceMak2k posted about this in the news forum over two weeks ago. So, I would say that is a "yes".


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Originally posted by Jaded God@Jun 14, 2003 @ 06:43 PM

its just a homemade ddr wannabe.

Hey everyone, let's show our support for the people who still put time and effort into making Dreamcast games!

Even if it is crap, it's nice to think there's still the possibility of stuff coming out on the DC.


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I'm well aware of that, thankyou. I'm just saying that no-one is going to bother making anything new after this if it just gets slated for no good reason.

So what if it's a DDR ripoff? That doesn't stop it being fun. And it's not like the DC has all the DDR games the PSX has.


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Oops. Usually I do a search. But I'm being lazy. In any event, thanks for the input. I think I'll buy it.