Has anyone tried IP Telephony?


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Has anyone had any experience with ip telephony? How is it?

I just downloaded Gphone and would like to see if it works...

I can't find anyone to test it with.

Would anyone like to try?

PM me if you do


BTW, there's a PDA version of it too!


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You're an oral aggressive character!

I'm not playin' around with IP telephony to save a few bucks...

I'm using it for online gaming etc.

Guess i'll try game commander or teamspeak


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Oh, sorry, didn't realize you wanted to test it for gaming purposes. The last time I used IP telephony was a few years back where I used http://www.dialpad.com to make free PC to actual telephone calls.
It wasn't perfect. Sometimes the calls went through, other times they ended up with an error message asking me to try again later.