has anyone try out gungriffon blaze

I just bought it for 20 bucks, and anyways I was reading working design traslation note on the back of the booklet(every wD games has it) well they talk about how game art were showing them the first gungriffon for the saturn, and WD were very intersted in the game, well my point is in the whole note they did not referred to the saturn , they just say the 32 bit console, they said they lost the licences to the the first party devolpers ( sega) and they had plan for the second one but they the said 32 bit overdog was not doing so well in the states. Why could't they mention that 1 and 2 were release only on the sega saturn.
Those bastards!
I think we all know why. They like to hold grudges. They did the same inside the Silpheed 3 booklet. They mention Game Arts updated their PC game to "take advantage of real time flat shaded polygons overlayed on (FMV)" And go on to mention it released to some success in Japan and in the US but it never mentions on what system. It never mentions Silpheed 2 came out on Sega CD. Just says something about when CD-ROM consoles were in their infancy at the beginning.

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