Hate to see a hitachi saturn go for only $100...

Don't forget the $65+ for EMS shipping.

If it werent for the fact that I have my car insurance bill due this month I would get it...
Originally posted by mal@Sep. 22 2002, 10:50 pm

Don't forget the $65+ for EMS shipping.

That's only if the buyer is from East/Southeast Asia. My God, can you believe the price for shipping to South America or Africa ($150)?

BTW, looks like someone won the bid at $152.50, just $2.50 more than the first high bidder. Judging from the shipping price schedule, it looks like the highest bidder forked out either $217.50, $232.50, $237.50, but I highly doubt the highest bidder is from South America or Africa ($302.50).
Originally posted by mal@Sep. 23 2002, 12:50 pm

Don't forget the $65+ for EMS shipping.

That was $65 plus.

No matter how cool it is, that's one very expensive Saturn. ???
Why on earth would you pay $600 for a Hi-Saturn?

What makes it worth 20x a plain old Sega Saturn?
Dunno. I heard when they first came out they sold retail for $2,000. I have no way of verifying that though...anybody know for sure? BTW the hitachi controller is hella sexy.