Have I killed my Saturn? :(

Today when I went to play my my Saturn the games wouldn't load. So I left the CD lid opon to see what was happening. The CD started to spin and load then it began to spin BACKWARDS! I turned off the machine and then back on again, the CD booted fine. However the characters were just large black blocks! Now when I try to play a game the CD spins for about 1/100th of a second and then gradually slow down until it's stoppped. During this proccess the lazer is moving in and out rapidy as if it is trying to focus. What can I do? Have I killed it by doing the swap trick? :(
Your Saturn is drunk...try it tomorow! :)

I don't think that its the swap trick...well i think,since i don't know the way you're doin the swaptrick.

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My swap trick method:- Boot with copied Cd wait untill it's slowed down to read protection code (Gently) take out copied CD, put in Official CD. CD will the speed up, then I put the copied CD back in. I take very good care of my Satun, I miss her so much :(
It's as if the CD trys to spin then cuts out. It does this three times befor giving up. I don't thing the CD motor has burned out other wise it wouldn't spin at all right? I really hope I can get it fixed.