Having to set up the Saturn EVERYTIME I TURN IT ON

:bs Every time I turn on my Saturn, the Set-up screen comes on where I have to set the language and the time. It's never done this before in the past. It gets very annoying to have to keep doing this. Is there anyway to avoid this? Does anyone know the reason why this happens?
The battery in the back needs to be replaced. Its the same kind that the Dreamcast memory cards use.
It's one thing to have to ask basic questions like yours, but don't post them more than once please.

What the others didn't tell you yet is that you need one CR2032 battery. Small, flat, disc-shaped, available in any decent store's photo/electronics department, or at pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS. Will cost you about 2 bucks.

On the back of your Saturn is a cover you can unsnap which reveals the battery. Just replace it, put cover back on, done.

Naaa... Most people would probably just look up and order a $7 to $12 official Dreamcast battery before realizing that Duracel and Energizer make them, and Wal-Mart stores sell them as cheap as 97 cents. You ever look up auctions on eBay for "SEGA SATURN MEMORY BATTERY" or some variation? I even thought about trying to sell 97 cent batteries for over $5 each on eBay at one point, but decided that I couldn't do anything that crooked without feeling guilty.
I am going to make my saturns memory run on 4 aa batteries like my dc vmu mod I did. Those watch batteries can get expensive... Last time I put a 2 pack of energizer ones it was like 5+ dollars from target.
Originally posted by gameboy900@Jun 15, 2003 @ 10:56 PM

I guess assuming he could read the model off the old battery was too much to ask for.

My thought exactly.

Funny how people with simple issues like this are quite adept at posting about them in here.