Help Burning Dragon Force

I've just d/l Dragon force (us version) iso but there is no mp3 tracks with it all there was in the rar files is "DRAGON_FORCE.iso" i burned it with cdrwin, Easy-CD Pro 95, and DiscJuggler. there all burn successfuly but when i come to load it up in my saturn it just didnt work, i've burned bin + cue files and iso + mp3 game files and there all work perfectly but i cant get this "DRAGON_FORCE.iso" to work im abit of a newbie to this so if any 1 out there know how to burn just a saturn iso file correctly could u plz tell me it would be much appreciated.
If it's one of those games that consist of one data track and one audio, then all you need is tack on an mp3 file of your own choice (the one that's supposed to be there would be a copyright message that you'd never hear in the actual game). I bet that'll solve your problem.

So grab a short mp3 (or wav) file - anything you like - make a cuesheet with the iso and audio track, and burn away.

Of course, if Dragon Force is supposed to have actual game music in several audio tracks, then you just didn't get the complete game, and you have to find a more complete download of it.
u know i could kick myself, a little thing like that (and the amount of disc i scrapped trying to get it to work) lol....thanx alot Taelon that did the trick