help in organizing CDs

Just some questions about storing and organizing your CDs...

How and where do you guys store your CDs? I've got 300-400 CDs (i think). I'm not bragging (if that is even supposed to be bragged about, that's just for information for you guys to help me organize my CDs)...

I've got:

01. CD-Rs for the Saturn (ISO backups, not ISO reburned to be readily played)

02. CD-Rs for my drivers/programs

03. Audio CDs (game/anime/soundtracks/etc)

04. Dreamcast games

05. Saturn games

06. Playstation 2 games

07. Playstation games

08. PC games

09. PC software

10. CD-Rs for my projects (movies, mp3s, photoshop, etc)

11. Anime VCDs

I think that's all... I have a very difficult time organizing them because they're spread all over my room. CD case here, CD case there, stack here and there, wood here and there, plastic here and there. Etc. Please help. Thanks.
You can buy CD towers that can hold 400 ~ 500 CDs no problem. Just sort them by type and stuff them in. If you can't tell them apart like that you can stick colour coded stickers on the spines. Oh, and use slim jewel cases if you can (on CDRs etc.), you can fit twice as many!
I just use the empty CDR spindles. If you don't need to use it on a regular basis (ie: backups) it's not a problem. Or get some of those large CD binders and sort them in there.
I buy those black leather magazine-style flip cases that can hold usually 50 CDs (Case Logic, CDProjects) and store everything in them, all my CDs, DVDs, games, CD-Rs, etc.

I used to use towers and what-not, but I got tired of dusting around them

The actual cases, I clean up (car wax works exceptionally well), seal in a box and put in the closet. Which is probably why my closet looks like some sort of civil defense refuge, and I can't seem to fit many clothes in it
Yeah, I have a 96-cd capacity wallet for my Saturn games (originals and copies) that I picked up some years ago. Easy to access, flip through, and provides great protection from un-mentionable accidents (soda, etc.). It works great. It also looks sexier than a spindle. I'd recommend picking one (or 5, in your case) up, I think they're fairly cheap.
Actually, I've already created a database in MS Excel. Categorized into Video, Audio, Games, and Portable (the ones in a 96-CD wallet/case/folder/whatever).

I have in my 96-CD case all games (Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, and some PSX). I have tons of others which I have not catalogued. Like the copies of PC software/games which were bought from wherever/whenever.

Here's the current situation:

01. 96-CD wallet: Saturn, DC, PS2, PSX (6 spaces left i think), no cases

02. 144-wooden-tower (36 per side): filled up with the cases of those in #01, and some more games and anime VCDs

03. Shelf: audio and video CDs with cases (filled up, holds 62 CDs to the edge)

04. 12-CD wallet: ultra-portable (for the most played games)

05. 50-CD spindle pack: filled with CDs of mp3/games/projects backups (half-full)

06. CD rack: filled up, holds 31 CDs of Drivers/backups (everything Kodak, so everything is orange

07. Portable hard-case whatever: holds 60 CDs and is filled up with original games (LucasArts Archives, Westwood RTS, etc)

08. and a cabinet with removable plastic drawers with tons more CDs with their cases (less played/watched/listened CDs)

I have the Excel file @ 29.0kb. If anybody wants to see it, just email me or something. Do I sound like I'm getting desperate? I think I am... because I am. I'm actually fine with the setup now, but I feel life would be much much much better when these are organized to the clean-slate-store-state neatness. But as my mom said, there are tons of things we don't have: ONE is SPACE and TWO is money to buy more organizers.

I was thinking of shoeboxes? or bags? or I don't know, they may just mess up the setup more than it is now... I'm confused.

Thank you to all who helped! or to those who plan to!