Help Please?

Hi ,

Knowing my luck I'll get banned for asking this but hey maybe I'll get lucky for once!

I picked up a Saturn at a junk sale a few days a go and cleand it up and got it working but I have no games and you can't really buy them any more with out playing a small forture cuz the games are rare now well the good ones any way! I like collection old systems and games but I'm not made of money, could some plz point me in the right direction as to where I can learn how to copygames?

if you have a model 2 (21 pin) one then you should be ok

have a look at the buttons, if they are round then it should be moddable, if they are oval your more likly to have a model 1 unit, best thing to do it look at a site like videogamecompany and take a look at the instructions for installing one, if your matches their instructions you will be able to buy a chip

your best to just do a web serach and find a reasonablly local dealer if its just the chip your after though

1 other place you could try is litespeedcomputers, i dont know if ice still does them or not, but his main site should tell you