Help, take a look curcuit geniuses

My maraca wil no longer detect high, low and horizontal.

The captions are what I THINK each wire does, although i could be wrong. The maracas do not need to re-register during gameplay, showing that there is still a constant signal being established from the game to maraca sensor. And when you shake enough it finally moves (sometimes) I am thinking the wires may be loose. How would i patch them up?
This is just a shot in the dark, but what you might want to start out with is a meter, and use it to check the continuity of each of the wires. If the signal sent from the positive terminal to the negative terminal doesn't quite make it, you've found the problem wire(s).

But knowing me I've mixed something up with something else, so if anyone can correct me, please do...
Heh.. that makes two of us, but removing wires really isn't necessary. You just need two contact points. The MOST you might be required to do is use a wire stripper, at least in the early diagnostic stage. The annoying thing is that if it is a wire, you might have to jury-rig something together. Wouldn't it be nice if the maracas were infrared instead? =)
Originally posted by y2kzorak@Oct. 09 2002, 8:39 am

Wouldn't it be nice if the maracas were infrared instead? =)

Not really.

If you've got a broken wire you can always resolder it or replace it. What would you do if something in the IR transmitter or receiver died? ???
after taking the casing off and replacing it a few times.. plugging that extra peice in and taking it off a few times also, sensitiviy seems to be on the slow road back. It is still fucked but with enough shaking it changes places.. this leads me to think something is loose
I've never peronsally played samba de amigo but i thought the controllers were infared... So how do these things work? I thought you just shook them to the beat on screen or soemthing. So how do they work and what's the object of the game?

ALright samba 101.

See those 6 circles gallstaff? well each one represents a different height area. Low (being the 2 low circles) medium and high. You also have right and left, (3 for each hand)


little blue dots come out of the middle and float to the cicles (in sync with the music)

And once one is on the circle you shake your maraca!


there are posing modes (hold a pose in 2 circles) there is a really fast shaking mode.. and in samba 2000 (released only in japan) the "Husstle mode" has been implemented.

this mode has a feature where you move the maracas up and down

Ie: you wave it over your head, or you wave both back and forth between your legs..

anyways, great buy! You can find "reliable" third part y maracas for cheap on the net.. (Ebay especially) and the game at your local eb or online..

The funnest game i have EVER PLAYED

yes they are infa-red.. (what else would they be?):>,

the object is to hit as many dots as you can, therefore raising your rank.. some levels require an A rank to pass etc
GAH!!! I'VE LOOKED ALL OVER THE PLACE FO THIS GAME IT'S NOWHERE! EB...GAMESTOP... FYE...haven't tried best buy yet but still. Where might this game be sold... with maraca's?
ebay is going to be your best bet to look for them

be careful you check that it comes with the maracas though, and be aware it cost £99.99 here when it came out, so your unlikly to find one going for much less than that
Well what i mean is not really focused on lan kwei in general but all the places i've seen on the internet say they're selling maracaa's but mention nothing of the footpad. I've seen pictures and it looks as though they are connected so it would make sense that if you were selling the maracaas you'd be selling the pad as well right?
That might make sense, but in the time it took you to post that message you could have emailed them and then found out for sure. ???
The Sega brand maracas have a foot pad attached to the bar that holds

the stationary ultrasonic sensors. This pad is only to tell you where to

approximaely place your feet to make the maracas work best.

Not really needed.

I have 2 sets of 3rd party ones and one of them works fine.

I may have buggered the other set up unplugging them under power.

Haven't really tested them in great depth yet.

Had the working set at a party 2 weeks ago. huge hit.
lots of fun.

try to find the official ones first, but if all else fails, get the third party ones. they work fine.
well it says the third party ones are more relialbe and sturdy them being a bit heavier made plastic than first party ones.