Help, take a look curcuit geniuses

Hmm, what did it bugger up Snume? One of my maracas has height detection probs after I did that, is that your prob?


Sorry I'm late in responding Cherok. I don't know what exactly buggered up, but this is what happens.

When I plug in the working set & turn on the game, all seems well (a few missed shakes here and there - no big deal)

When I plug in the non-working set, it seems the buttons are reversed
(you usually raise or lower the left maraca to move your selection up or down and use the right maraca button to select). This buggered up set
makes the right button the select button and the menu just automatically scrolls down to the bottom - no response from moving the maraca (either one)

Also, if I plug in the working set after I've unplugged the buggered set, I have to reboot like 2-3 times to get it to work. And neither one works when I have em both plugged in (either order)

Any suggestions?? ???
I have somewhat of a similar problem although mine do not screw up like yours al of the time. I usually jusy reset and it all gets back to normal.

One of my maracas is broken, although the other works fine and it seems the base doesnt have a problem with it. I ordered a single marca which should be here in a couple of days, When I recieve it I will be able to clarify whether it is the base or the maraca casuing the trouble. Do you know if I can use the controller extension with the maracas?


Sorry, haven't tried it with the extension as of yet. Were you doing so when it screwed up?
Being drunk, stupid and deciding to stumble over the motion sensor on the maracas =P. It could have been that I stepped on it, or that it was surged.. I am not positive, but i think i was just pulling the marcas so i could use the controller for some weasy points on challenge mode


Well, I can attest to the fact that being at least slightly tipsy does add to the fun of this game at a party. Everyone is a little more willing to give it a go after they've had a few beers. But their motor skills have taken a bit of a hit and their control over the maracas can be a little dicey :