help!uk saturn 50/60hz mod!

hi i 've an MK80200-50 european saturn!

i want to make it work at 60hz!

i know that i must find the 79pin,then cut the line and so on!

what i need is to find the +5v and the 0v points to solder!!!

where are them?

somewhere i read that i can solder the switch to some of the 8,9,10,11,12 jp,that are usually used for the country mod!

but each of these jp has two points...........i don't know what to do,please help!!!!

hi,ok i've got the rarest saturn in the world!!!

there is NO jp2!!!!there's only jp 1!!

if i connect the two points of jp1 i only see black and gray lines on the screen of my television!!

this saturn inside is very strange!!

the power board is on the lower side,not connected to the upper side of the chassis,and the joypad ports are on another little board!

if i look at the pin 79 that chooses 50 or 60hz i can see that there's no line that comes from this pin,it only goes down in the board and if i look at the other side of the board i can find jp1!

the other strange thing is that i can't find any other jp!!!!!!!!!!

there are only jp6 and jp7 they are connected like this:

jp6 * * *---------*jp7

jp8,jp9,jp10 aren't there!!!!

i looked carefully everywhere but i can't find them!

if the connection of the two sides of jp1 didn't work,now i know that i must lift pin 79 and connect it to a switch!

the only thing that i need is to find two points to connect to the switch too:0v and +5v,how can i find them?please help me,i want 60hz!!!!!!!
ok. i just modded a pal 50hz sat into a jap 60 hz sat and added a gamegizmo modchip. and it was the exact same model as yours. so, all you have to do is link the 2 sides of jp1. i'm positive about this. as for the other jp, you gotta search a lil bit. jp10, 11, 12 and 13 are on the same side that the IC14 chip. which means:

jp6, 7: under the motherboard.

jp10, 11, 12, 13: above the motherboard.
hi,thank you for helping me!

i found the other jp points but the 50/60hz thing doesn't work!!

i connected the two sides of jp1 with some copper wire WITHOUT soldering it!i only put it on jp1 and touching the two sides of jp1 in this way:

jp1 *--------*

but it didn't work!

do you think that if i SOLDER two wires the mod will be ok,or it will always give me problems?

than you a lot,bye!!
hi,i soldered two wires to the two sides of jp1 and to an on-off switch, but.............nothing,it doesn't work!!

if the switch is off the console works great in 50hz,if i switch to on the saturn goes crazy,i only see 9 screens on my tv in this way

saturn saturn saturn

saturn saturn saturn

saturn saturn saturn

and the pictura goes up and down in the screen!!

i think i'll buy a saturn with round buttons and i will modify that one!

thank you for helping,bye!
i'm sure because i used this tv with a japanese grey saturn,with mi dreamcast using 60hz,with my jap gamecube!!

i need a new saturn!!!bye!
yep,are you sure that your other consoles are running at 60hz??

Cause the screen rolling like that means that it can't handle 60hz or that you need to adjust the v-hold on your tv.

BTW i've got a model 1 pal saturn as well and i'm thinking of doing the 60hz mod too,but i've heard that you need rgb cables for it to run in colour,is this true?

If so is their an adaptor that you can conecct to the rgb cables,because my tv can't use rgb or s-video just av and rf cables.
This is pretty much the smae problem I'm having at at the moment.

I have the Same model saturn as yours valsim (made from 9/95- 3/96) and I am considering fitting a country and 50/60 Hz switches.

Does anybody have a link to a web page that gives step by step instructions for a Model 1 saturn.

I seem to be only able to find pages with Model 2 saturn step by step.

Thanx to all that Help.
You have to lift a Pin valsim, you were right about that.

Got the same Saturn, Arakon once told me what to do.

Before that, i also soldered the two JP1s, had the exactly same results on my tv, and yes, it can handle 60hz

Guess the best thing to do would be to buy a model2 saturn,

you also won't be able to find a 20pin modchip anymore for your model1 :/
I have just soldered the two points on JP 1 together (no switch) and my saturn is working excellent at 60 Hz!!!

50 Hz sucks and plus, I don't need the mod chip.