Help using PAL

I just got my pro Action Replay Plus 4/1. I have a couple of problems. Number 1 when I use cheat codes on Nights(original copy) the game doesn't start but with no cheats it runs. BTW my PAL bios says 2.01 ANother thing I need is a more clear faq on how to do the swap trick with a pal. Any ones besides the one here? My question is when I insert an original game in the PAL menu do I then enter the cheat codes for the actual cdr game I want to play?
If your sick of people asking about playing illegally burned games then can you atleast help me out with my first problem? Has anyone ever entered a code for a game and then a game not work unless you turned the cheat codes off?
Hang on a minute.

If I were able to help I would, but I don't use cheat codes with my AR nor do I swap.

It could just be that no one else has had the same problem as you. ???
SegaXtreme User RVDDX:

1. Why are you referring to the Pro Action Replay as PAL (used 3 times, 4 if counting thread title)? You're not only confusing yourself, but others as well.

2. This topic is more of Tech Help than Saturn, this could explain why you're not getting any replies.

3. Perhaps you've entered a cheat code for the wrong version of the game (e.g., U, E, J) or wrong game in general? There's a good chance that cheat codes won't work on burned games if you're performing the swap to play them.

4. Panzer Dragoon Saga refuses to work with cheat carts. You'll have to hack the ISO.