Help with using saturn cheat codes on mednafen

Hello,i need some help with using cheat codes on saturn games.I can't just copy the gameshark code,and when i'm trying to use one,the following options come up
Press R-to replace ram/write|(high level)
Address [$00000000]
Byte length(1-8)
Big endian? Y/N (If byte length is above 1)
Value [000]
Needless to say,i have absolutely no idea what to do.Can someone help me untangle this mess?
Here's an example of a code i found in gamehacking for Shining the holy ark
160BEED6 ???? (Replace ???? with 4100 -double experience or 4108 -x4 exp)
160BEEDC 321C
What am i supposed to write in order to make it functional?
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I suppose these are Action replay codes.

For example to input the 1st code :
Type [R] : press enter, it's always replace for those cheat codes
Address [$00000000] : $160BEED6 (the $ at the start matters)
Byte length(1-8) [1] : 2 (that's 2 for an address starting with 0 or 1, but it would be 1 for an address starting with 3)
Big endian? [Y] : press enter, it's always big endian values on Saturn
Value [000] : 4100h (the h at the end matters)

Rinse and repeat for the other codes.