Help with burning a Saturn game...

i have 2 flaky copies of Street Fighter Zero 3 here... one CD is slightly damaged, and another one is fine - but the music was somehow corrupted in its original ISO...

i copied the files manually to a directory on my system - now how do I burn a game from here?

i built a BIN/CUE with CDRWin - but that didnt work. ISOBuster identifies the BIN as a "mode 2, form 1" - when it was supposed to be Mode 1. (CDRWin even set the CUE up with "Mode 1" in it).

the Saturn doesnt even identify it as a Saturn game...

any suggestions, comments?
you don't. it's not possible cause you a) need the exact right file order and b) need a valid saturn bootsector.
well, you can order files with Nero... :/

why does it seem complicated for Saturn to play burned games? i mean, i got stuff plugged into the cd-rom, chips soldered to the motherboard, region and upgrade carts plugged in, and it still wont play a copied game? ;p

for Dreamcast, i can just take some files, edit the #### out of them (ever play Tony Hawk with naked chicks on every skate board?) save them in an ISO, convert it to a CDI, and then burn and play.. self boot and all..

how did the ISO of the game get messed with then? it was like almost 200 megs smaller than the game should of been, and a lot of the music was simply corrupted (it took up the full 7 megs or so on the CD, but seemed blank)

if i used WinImage, would i be able to insert the MUS files into the game's ISO to replace the original ones?

i guess it doesnt really matter too much, i found a FTP server with another version of the game.. it appears that Warez groups are starting to release Saturn games now!! (20+ games since July from one group)
it isn't any easier for scd or dreamcast either. in order to get a selfbooting DC cd, you also need a correct boot sector (the ip.bin file). DC is just a bit less tight about the boot sector, usually a general purpose one can be used for any disc.
you don't. it's not possible cause you a) need the exact right file order and b) need a valid saturn bootsector.
a) You can output a text file with the file ordering using IsoBuster on the original disc, then convert that to a sort text file (yes, there are little tools that people have made to do this which can be found and downloaded off the web) that can be used with MKISOFS.EXE, when rebuilding the ISO from files on your HDD, to get back the correct file ordering as the original.

b) You can use CDRWin to extract the first 16 sectors of data (i.e., boot sector) from the game disc, name it IP.BIN or whatever, then insert it into the rebuilt ISO (from part a)) with a hex editor or some tool called IPINS.EXE. IIRC, a while back, I told Alex Kid to use this approach to rebuild the ISO of a game (forgot the name of that game) where he translated the game dialogue from Japanese to English. It worked.

well, you can order files with Nero... :/
Yes, but this feature is not as powerful as using the sort text feature I mentioned above. A sort text file contains the relative path with filename and the sort weight (a number); Nero only gives you high, medium, and low sorting.

Edit: Fixed dumb mistake.

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