Help with burning/swapping Saturn games

Hello... I just bought a model 1 US Saturn, and I've been trying to burn some games, but whenever I perform the swap trick, the light flashes a few times, then "This disc is not suitable for this system" appears in front of the music CD screen. This has happened with the first 2 discs I burned, Burning Heroes and Shining Force 3. Both are the US versions. I used the latest version of Nero for both of these games, TAO for SF3 (it was an ISO + 1 WAV file), and DAO for Burning Heroes (it was a Bin+Cue). I did recently install forceASPI to play some segacd games (my model 1 SCD broke). Did I do something wrong when burning/swapping? I followed the swap guides on here and it seems that I'm doing it right, and when I put the cd in my computer drive, they read data on them. Please, respond or link me to another thread that answers my question. Thank you.
maybe the Saturn did not liked the media

try Dr.Hank 16X (must be the 16x)

then you write at the minimum speed supported by your writer

or the black bottom medias, gold, etc

my saturn don´t like some medias

it work with Jtec black, Dr.Hank16x, and another one here with no brand