Help with my 50/60hz mod!! :(

Time ago I installed two switches to my Asian Megadrive, the language and the Hz ones.

Both worked perfectly and I did them that way:

I cut all the connections between jumpers, then the mega drive stands as a usa one, because it's 60hz and english language.

Then I added the two switches that simply connect the 50hz and the japanese jumpers, because as I said with them disconnected the megadrive plays 60hz english language.

But days ago, soldering and desoldering because I wanted to change the switch (stupid of me), I did something that made my megadrive ALWAYS think it is in 50hz mode.

With all the connections between jumpers cut the mega drive still is in 60hz mode english language like before... but it thinks it's on 50hz mode o_O

What I mean with 'it thinks' is that games that change its speed (like sonic) or it retrace (like streets of rage 1 & 2) for the specific Hz setting, have their speed and retrace adjusted for 50hz mode while showing at 60hz all the time.

The results were the same that happen when you turn on the machine on 50hz mode and then switching to 60hz, but at any moment the console shows 50hz.

If I add the switch for 50hz the console goes fine at 50hz, but without switch or with the jumpers that must set 60hz, the console still thinks it's at 50hz mode and I can't play games that require 60hz and check it before starting, neither the ones that adjust their speed or retrace to pal because they're unplayable.

Anyone knows what could happen, any other thing than the jumpers telling the mega drive which Hz frequency it is?

I'm an European user, tired of 50Hz, and very happy with my mega drive 60hz. Fortunatelly I've a japanese mega drive with well done switches, but I don't like having a broken one that doesn't want to play at 60hz.

So if anybody could help, thanks :)