Help with Saturn swap trick

... it must have been asked before, but help the newbie if you can

Anyway, I have a model 1 Saturn, it works with the CD lid open too, I've read all the faqs and docs on the page but with no luck.

Is hard to distinguish the blinking on the drivelight, or to be sure when I'm supposed to do the swaps, or how much time the original game has to stay in the drive.

If you could help me by telling me aproximately at how many seconds, or what noises from the drive I could use for cue to do the swaps.

Thanks in advance
here's the easiest way

Put in the cdr, turn on the system, itll spin for a few seconds and the light will eventually stop blinking for hard accessing, usually about 5-8 seconds after you turn the saturn on is when it stops reading, after this quickly take off the cd-r and put an original on, the laser should move to the outer edge and the light will blink 3 times, the drive will also make 3 small accessing noises (a grinding-like sound) and will then quickly begin moving to the inside of the cd, as it does this, swap the cdr back on.

hardest part is getting the timing down.
Swapping... those were the days. The first game I got working using the swap method was either PSC or SFZ3, I believe. I was so freaking filled with joy when I got SFZ3 working.
Yeah I wish I didn't have to swap all the time (getting my modchip installed next month, bout time). But the first game I got done was Shining Force 3. Only other games I bothered trying with were Guardian Heroes and Dragon Force and got them to work after hundreds of tries.
Must be nice Skank, I was doing it for more than an hour, getting pissed off that I couldn't get it, until I finally did. That would have had to been the happiest day of my life. Not quite, but it probably was near the top of the list. Well probably not, let's just say I was happy that I finally got it down.