Heretic, Hexen.

Why doesn’t Raven make FPS games like:



Hexen II

Any more?

(Heretic II sucked)

These games especially Hexen 1, had the best gameplay & gothic-medieval, heroic fantasy atmosphere!

The hub level system & the weapons (especially the Quietus Sword) were so cool.

As for the music, the Heretic MIDI soundtrack & Hexen I & II CD-Audio, were just perfect. They added just the right atmosphere & mood, to enjoy them to their limits.

I found Desparil being the coolest of the 3 Serpent riders.

The story of the 3 games, taking place in 3 different dimensions & timelines, conquered by the 3 serpent Riders, is so chaotic!

Brings memories of many different heroic fantasy books (Conan, Elrik, LOTR, etc…)

I would enjoy a new game like this, a lot more than the crazy, over-hyped DOOM III. Unreal II was a disappointment.

The last FPS, I greatly enjoyed was Unreal 1.

I find modern FPS very boring.


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Dude, i liked Heretic II. I thought it was a cool game. My dad loves Hexen and Heretic. He just bought a new copy of heretic today, weird.
Originally posted by Cloud121@Jan 8, 2004 @ 05:23 AM

Yo, by any chance you think we could have a Mac forum?

You want a forum whose sole use would be for only you to post about how great macs are? :lol:

Wait...if that would get you to shut up about macs on every other forum, I'm all for it :D

I still play Heretic and Hexen on my PC today! Although I use a program to make its graphics look like nowdays graphics. ;)