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Does anyone know of any good arcade type places kind of between Birmingham and Scotland (wide scope, I'm desperate here). All the ones in Leeds from when I lived there have shut down.. Meadowhall is worse than when it first opened.. I need a fix!!
Dunno mate, only one I can think of is Meadowhall Namcoworld round here, and you're right, it's pants. There's the one at Crystal Peaks but I think it's even worse.

Lynx on Furnival Gate was a proper dirty old school arcade, but unfortunately it shut years ago. Sigh...
Man.. I wish I lived in Japan. There used to be a good one in Leeds called Centre Four that was HUGE, but it didn't last too long. You'd think it'd be a money maker with all the kids you see milling around with nowhere to go. I used to live in Manchester too and there was nothing there also. You'd think of anywhere outside London to have stuff it'd be Leeds and Manchester. Maybe we should start one.. I've got a cab with MAME, a Saturn, PS2, DC and emus.. Could get away with it! You up for it? You can buy the premises
It's.. beautiful. I want one of those cabs! No more backache for me with one of those!

Geez I'm such an old man.