Hi Saturn

This is just a question out of curiosity.

I was just browsing through ebay and found a hiSaturn for sale. One of the pictures apears to be a bootup screen, but is certainly isn't the one im used to see'ing from normal saturn systems. You can see the picture im refering to here. So what I am asking is: Is the boot up screen to the HiSaturn unique to that brand of saturns, or have I been missled and the screen is the same as any other?
Yeah, it has a different BIOS to the Sega built Saturns, including a different boot screen. The same applies to the JVC V-Saturn.
Yeah I believe that the Hi-Saturn was also called the Navi. It had a GPS navigation system built into it, as well as a small LCD for on the go gaming. It was a sweet deal. Im pretty sure it was the Hi-Saturn, and not the JVC one, but I could be wrong.

Id love to have one of those babies.