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It's kind of sad when ones life is that uneventful where they have to post and insult those who take away "their" precious ftp section. I hope you aren't trolling (is that the right term?) about to read these replies.
He's right. It IS about the games here... although he kinda mis-viewed that.

It IS about the games here. That's why everyone here encourages people to BUY the games (I threw all my Saturn CD-Rs a few months ago, which was somewhere in the 10 - 15 discs range). That way we can support Sega.

It is kinda fun knowing how the users online count has been cut in half for the most part now. Whenever I'd be online, there'd always be (at the BARE minimum) 7 - 13 people viewing the FTP section. HELLO! THERE ARE OTHER PARTS OF THE SITE! I did look into the FTP section from time to time, only to check for the IP of the FTPs I have private accounts to (sometimes, my damn comp would lock up, before I can exit the program, which saves the address).

Yes, I do admit it, a majority of my DC games are CD-R, ALL of my Mega CD games are CD-R. Yet, I will continue to buy DC games and Saturn games (anyone got a copy of Powerslave, Panzer Dragoon, and/or NiGHTS they're willing to sell?) I haven't downloaded any Mega CD or Saturn game since March. I WAS downloading Flashback CD a few weeks ago, but I have yet to finish that. It is good the FTP section is gone. There's several benefts to this, and here's one:

We get to listen to idiots like these, who complain that they have to BUY games.

You say that we should screw Mp3s? Look at this bitch: Mp3s are about 3 - 4 MB each for a full length song. If a site like say... FFOnline, had Mp3s of all the songs, instead of MIDIs, it would completely kill the site! We USED to have Mp3s here, but alas, the server died. Hell... there are some FF songs that sound better in MIDI than the actual Mp3! In fact, I had (and still do) a HUGE collection (about 50+) of FF MIDIs, for a few months, before I even found out I could download the Mp3s. MIDIs are a great source, especially if you don't have the bandwidth (14.4k, 28.8k, etc.)

BTW, $50 says that he's one of those guys who is exactly what he spoke of us as:

A: A Guy who picks on everyone (he said we got picked on, but whatever)

B: A guy (due to the fact that he picks on everyone) who can't laid, and he's in his mid-20's.

BTW, I can't get laid.. cause I don't choose to. I'm only 16, and I'm waiting 'till college for that.

One more thing...

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