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woah lol dudes SX is so much kewler now that it has no ftp section! Now we can sit on our r0mz and share with no one and have our heads stuck up our asses on a worthless messageboard/site no one cares about ever, and the ppl in here that have no life and no r0mz can reply to each other with witty comments to make each other lol n stuff. You people are the most pathetic worthless air thieves on the planet lol why would taking a ftp section down be better, and for who? the 20-35 yr old holier than thou morons in here that think that this is mIRC and "chat" with each other? Give me and yourselves a fucking break already, why dont all of u wastes of space who suck up to other no-life wastes of space on this forum create a mIRC chan called #30+hugz or #irc-virginz and make witty comments nobody cares about and pack each others asses there. The Ftp section was the only thing good about this whole fucking place, and now its just full of little chatterkids and older d00ds who think they're l33t. If this place is SUPPOSEDLY about the games, were the FUCK are the games, all i see is ppl who cant get laid with Kewl L33t graphics next to their names who got picked on in highschool. If i wanted to see that i dont have to come to SX *cough* aol compuserve. Sega Midi Music? are u fucking kidding me? Hey! 1992 just called! It wants its "midis are kewl" websites back. HELLO HI everyone listens to mp3s and downloads ISOS. Why? cuz its what we, teh people, want, and will ALWAYS want. Lemme just say in my ending here that i have all the scd isos i could ever want, so nope im not a mad kiddie, i just think this site is pitiful and worthless without good sections like ftp, i could give 2 shits and a fuck less what u ppl do, really. But i just had to register JUST to make this comment, maybe u ppl will 1) walk outside, realize theres a world out there and stop acting like l33t wannabe nerds and 2) understand that isos and ftps and roms arent going away and in actuality theres nothing wrong with them, its called sharing information folks, u dont wanna use a ftp, dont, and whoever does, let em. so in closing you are all the lowest form of internet nerd wannabes ive ever seen, even lower than mIRC nerds [they at least talk in real-time and KNOW something]. Youve been a great audience, thanks a bunch, and dont forget to be lame, k? l8r
Regardless of what he tries to say, he obviously cares enough about this place to create a new userid just for that post.
Thats great, when you own a site I'm sure you can do as you see fit, until then, if nbc turns into a porn company, not much you can do since you don't own it, it's the owners perogative, not yours. Thank you for your input, it's really useful.
Originally posted by frosted@Sep. 05 2002, 7:56 pm

and older d00ds who think they're l33t.

But I am a l33t d00d.

Is this the same loser as bionicstud316?

as the most discussed topic nowadays is the closed ftp section, i think i dont have to open a new thread. Well, I've been playing video games for 10 years now, started in 1992 with a Master System II, bought a Saturn in 1995 and sold it two years later because I needed the money (you cant afford that much games when 13 years old). Well, I came back to SEGA with the Dreamcast and enjoyed it very much (am waiting to get Ikaruga BTW). Then I found a link to your page (some months ago) and found out you could easily modify a Saturn to play copies and imports. So I registered in the message board, read the Saturn section to learn more, bought a Saturn as well as some of my favorite games back of 1995-97 on ebay and got the console modified two weeks ago to play copies of those expensive rare games like PDS, Dragon Force, Shining Force III, Grandia and so on. Now I come back, look for the ftp section, read the threads about why it was closed. My opinion is, you should 1. put a backup of the ftp section online, so at least you could hope to find some games on old ftps, 2. allow users to trade their isos in an own section, 3. think about what influence and power you have. I mean, the ones who don't even blame a bit about the change, surely have tons of isos and aren't in the need of trading/downloading new ones. But you should also think about the players like me, who dont leech the whole content of a ftp server just to have a complete collection of games they never play. You spoke about alternatives for downloading in other threads, but I think you offered a great place for iso trading, maybe the best, so why close it? Let people trade, let assholes leech who never come back or are interested in posting on other topics. They dont matter. But dont behave arrogant just because your HDs are filled with isos, and you are lucky. It's your site, I know, but once again think about what you have created. Some will now say I never posted since june, but as I said I read through the Saturn section for some days, remembered games I now could download for which I didnt have the money some years ago and which are rare now. For that reason I didnt have to post in the first weeks. When I wanted to discuss about SEGA stuff I posted in German boards, as I am German. But your board is the best source to get isos, thats it, why change it?

So think about a better solution than just taking away what many users have been happy about.


You just snatched the longest paragraph competition

But you hit the nail on the head when you said it's their board. They can do what they see fit. And the mods and regulars here have hefty collections of ORIGINALS. Maybe not always things like Radiant Silvergun etc. but that's understandable. If that's all your after, the expensive ones, they're easy enough to find elsewhere. For fuck's sake, there is now an FTPXtreme site where you can go if you want ISOs. Is it so hard to add a different page to your favourites?
That beats the longest paragraph record by two lines.

If you really read the threads about the closing of the FTP section, you'll realise that it has not as much closed as moved to another web site.
WHAT!?! THE FTP SECTION CLOSED?!?! I CAN'T LEECH GAMES THAT I'M TOO CHEAP TO BUY?!?! i think i'll kill myself.......
Well, you got me, of course I didnt read the whole 8 or 9 sites of that "ftp section closed" thread, because after the first 2 sites I thought I got the point. BTW, nice, intelligent but senseless post @falstaff. And on the last sites there was no change in argueing. So I didnt know there's a new site for ftp posting. I'll have a look at that.


Well, I didnt find that link you spoke about. But now I got headache of all this argueing, countering, trash-talking, being the smartest and so on. That thread really isn't very useful. Close and delete the threads about why the ftp section was closed, do a little faq about reasons/alternatives/ftpxtreme... so everybody can see what's up and that there's no hope for a re-change.


Regarding the original post-

Damn, it's a good thing he doesn't post more often. That grammar & punctuation's such an eyesore I couldn't bring myself to read all of it. Was it important?

Some of you may have noticed I came out of lurk mode and have been posting a lot more, and it's because the quality of conversation here has jumped considerably (barring scapegoat posts like this). I like coming here to read about Sega related stuff, maybe help somebody out. I really could care less about somebody having problems finding isos.

And hey, public relations here could probably not be any closer, we're even planning an orgy in another thread.
i find this amusing
He thinks he's cool because he a "l337 warez h4ckrz" but he's probably just a pre-pubecant teen looking for some love and recognition (all go "AWWW")
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