hi to all :) i'm new of this community

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hi to all :) i'm new of this community

hi dear friends....i'm new of this community........

.....i'm a old fan of sega console and i'm register here for excange some game whit you

and find some friend.....

i have this sega console:

megadrive whit megacd

sega saturn


i have downloaded a prg for host an ftp for you.........what do for create ftp?!

i'm have downloaded GUILD FTP

help me please for the create ftp and for use this forum at best possible....excuse me for my poor english

i'm italian man of 30 age

where can post my list of game?!

and where can i get list of your game?!....

i have other console




super famicom

and american turbo duo with 110 cd's game.....

for mega cd 30game

saturn 15

and dreamcast 124

......psx 946

....ps2 123game

if you search something please tell me

i'm search disperatly POLICENAUTS.......

saturn or psx or 3do........

excuse me please tell me the rules of community.....sorry if i tell of something wrong......

....bye from koji....
hi to all :) i'm new of this community

Oye vey. I'm not sure whether I should have pity and or no remorse whatsoever. Sounds just like the last guy.

Only YOU can make this place better than a warez site. Help SX make it better (shameless plug, yes of course). Wallpapers, movies, midis, FAQs, anything, Game Reviews, the like - send 'em over.

Now, personally, I feel bad. He seems like a nice fellow. However, rules are the rules.
hi to all :) i'm new of this community

Welcome to the site.

I'm sure you're find lots of interesting Sega stuff here.

Here are the rules:


You might notice that you are not to request games.

If you are looking for a certain game, all I can tell you to do it look through the FTP board. I would recommend Edge's FTP

DON'T ask people for games. It will get you in trouble.
hi to all :) i'm new of this community

ah ok......sorry for the inconvenience.

and thanks for the help.....

...now i see the thread

thanks now
hi to all :) i'm new of this community

I have one of these feelings that make me hope I'm wrong - but I think we've heard the last of him...

hi to all :) i'm new of this community

he's not requesting games he just wants to know where to put up is info.
hi to all :) i'm new of this community

Hopefully your optimistic interpretation isn't misguided Gallstaff.

It sounds harsh, but Taelon may be right. A lot of people seem to gravitate towards the FTP section and never post anywhere else.

Let's give kojikabuto the benefit of the doubt.
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