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Okay this fits the Sega CD section, MegaDrive, and Game Gear section of the board. I put it here, cause I didn't know where to put it.

Okay, I'm saving up for a PS2 at the moment (got about a month to two months to go). Now, AFTER I buy the PS2, which should I get? A CDX, Nomad, or Game Gear? What games are incompatible with the Nomad/Genny 3 (due to the Z80 being gone)? The CDX is a Model 2 Genny, not a Model 3 right?

I'm leaning towards a Nomad right now.
I would go with a Nomad too.

Speaking of which, how is the screen? Is it backlit? and how is the battery life?

I have a GBA, but a Nomad would be a tempting thing to add to my collection
Yes, it's backlit, which is why is sucks batteries for about 3 hours (I think it's that much) before they die. Luckily, the Model 2 Genny AC Adaptor works as an AC Adaptor for the Nomad.
I had your decision to make.

I choose the CDX because of the horrible excuse for battery life on the other two.

Besides, if your always gonna need to plug in the NOMAD its not really portable at all. Although, you can use the NOMAD as a genesis by hooking it up to a TV. No Sega CD support though, like in the CDX.
Originally posted by crystalmethod@Jan. 07 2003, 6:53 pm

I had your decision to make.

I choose the CDX because of the horrible excuse for battery life on the other two.

Besides, if your always gonna need to plug in the NOMAD its not really portable at all. Although, you can use the NOMAD as a genesis by hooking it up to a TV. No Sega CD support though, like in the CDX.

Listen to him, get the CDX, the nomad masks it self as being portable but 6 brand new AA batteries were drained in roughly 30 min. for me when playing Vectroman
. Plus the CDX works as a SegaCD, Genesis, and CD player.... despite the rumors i've seen a 32x hooked into one.
Game Gear-cheap and can be found anywhere. Pretty bad with batteries aswell-tho not as bad as Nomad, it still is quite harsh.Games are simpler and not as much fun as Genny/CD IMO. Would suggest this the least of the 3.

Nomad-aka powersukka 3000...Short battery life, amazing for genesis fans on the go. Backlit, nice screen, plays almost every genny game...even boasts a 2nd controller port. AMAZING if you own a battery compagny, otherwise you'll have to pay good $$$ for the rechargeable battery pack/ a lot of batteries. A definate buy if you're a huge genesis fan and are usually on the go...but you'd need the battery pack not to be frusterated with battery life and fully enjoy it.

CDX-easy to carry to a friends house or to a nearby tv, also plays audio cds...its a bit bigger than a regular cd player, but the spontaneous option to see a tv and play some Sonic CD is great. Not as great as the portables in the respect you can't play it in the car (unless you have a tv in it of course) or long trips like that...unless you buy the Gamegear w/tv

My suggestion:get all 3. If you only have the $ for 1 (understandable) pick between Nomad and CDX-depending on what you're looking portability/battery wise.

Good luck and I hope this helps

Okay... new dilemma.

Sega Nomad

Atari Jaguar

Turbo GraphX 16

I'm leaning more towards the Jag or Nomad now. I'm not gonna buy the PS2. Sony and the PS2 can kiss my ass.
Don't spend more than 30 dollars on the Jaguar unless you can get a good game with it.

If i were you, i'd go with the nomad. I'd like to get a TG-16, but I haven't seen any cards around this area for ages.
I'd buy a Jaguar if I saw one anywhere nearby, but I wouldn't go out of my way like on Ebay or something.


Nomad:check my last post here.

Way to not buy a Ps2. Down with Sony!!!!

Well, tough call all around in many ways.

UNless you are planning on doing somehomebrew, or are a system completist, pass on the Jaguar, as there simply isn't much available for it. Of course, if there is a game or two in particular on the Jaguar that you simply love, then by all means track one down!

The Nomad is an excellent system all around, but you WILL be getting rechargeables after awhile!

The Turbo is a great system, but I'd probably track down the TurboExpress portable over the origional system (unless you plan on getting the TurboDuo).

The CDX is a great little system, and you could always invest in an LCD screen and some sort of portable battery pack.

So depending on what you are intent on (IE a portable system, or just a good system), that will be the determining factor.

My choice, the CDX or the the Turboduo (if it's a choice).

The Nomad comes in right behind those.

Simply put, I love my Nomad. You can get emulators for the other two (I believe) but there's nothing quite liking playing Genny games on the road. The backlit screen is brilliant, I personally haven't noticed any compatability issues, and if you can actually hook up a multitap (not the EA one) for four players. The ability to hook up a genny controller to it (Rather than have another nomad) is one of the coolest features for any portable.

Two downsides... one is that battery life. I tend to use a cigarette lighter adapter when possible, and keep rechargeables handy.

Speed is the other issue. You can't notice it when you're playing it on the LCD, but when hooked up to a regular tv, there's a slight drop off in speed. It's noticeable in sports titles, mainly.
id go with the nomad

i personaly have no idea what everyone is talking about with battery life my handhelds last a good while before the batts die both my GG and Nomad last a round trip (2 hr oneway) train ride on a single set -- the GG lasts twice as long as the nomad -- 5 years ago when i was a security guard the GG lasted all day and then some -- ive never had any complaint with batt life -- the life in my systems is reasonable -- and i use the cheapo walgreens bateries (the heavy ones) (i found them to last longer than energizer )

mabey i lucked out with my systems but i know my friends nomad lasts more than 30 min (someone posted that )
don't buy the jaguar, if you really want one go look at KB toystores, they sometimes have them new and unopened for $35.

You've heard my opinions on the Nomad, great little gadget but still not great for portability unless you have the battery pack.

And why not get a PS2? people on these boards are awfully biased, the system is actually very nice and some of the games are spectacular (Devil May Cry, GTA3/4, etc...). I just got Shinobi for it too, sweet game