hosting for Avatars


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Just a little question....

Does anybody have a good free place for webhosting or picture hosting where I could post a custom Avatar?

Tripod and Geocities don't seem to work -- gives you a broken image or in Tripod's case, a this-image-is-hosted-at-Tripod image.

Try asking someone to host it for you...I used to have a sig and a friend hosted it fo me...but I didnt want it anymore.... ???
ok cool -- thanks
Hey Racketboy how in the hell did you actually get your avatar to work? mine is on as well and it isnt working.
Aaargh! I thought you were getting rid of Adon??

"JagWAAA! JagWAA!"

Shut up!! For the love of God! Please..
I've been inspired to mess around now.. Trying freeservers, avatar still OK but how do you get the picture to show up in your sig? I remember people asking this but I can't find the threads..
A few animated sigs are nice, but I hope everybody doesn't put them on.

I don't mind when I'm surfing at work (shhhh... don't tell) on the T1, but when I'm at home on dialup, it could be a real pain
umm ok -- freeservers is all of a sudden failing to deliver our graphics. guess I need to look for another place.
Rata just helped me do mine from freeservers and it is kind of working on and off.. Let us know if you find somewhere better.