how do i beat ghouls n ghost!

everytime i get to the last lvl, they start me over, and never let me fight the last boss
you have to go through it twice, to complete it.

and, Super Ghouls and Ghosts needs you to gain a certain ring or some item like that, before you can ever face the final boss.
have u guys playd super ghouls n ghosts? is it just me or could i not throw my wep downward? that sucks and makes the game an unneccesarry dilemna.
once you beat the game, the princess gives you the power band weapon, which you need to then beat the game over with, and NEVER PICK UP ANY OTHER WEAPONS. do this and you get the ending, and yes, i know, it' recockulous to have to do such a thing to beat such an already insanely hard game
I remember reading in an old gaming magazine once that actually ghosts and goblins was the hardest game.... EVER. Ghouls and ghosts was a close second though
This annoyed me greatly. I'd played through all the levels enough times after dying over and over on them, i wasn't going to go through the whole thing again as soon as i'd finished the final level. When i finished the final level i deserved at least a "well done" message so i could pat myself on the back.
on my quest to see the ending, i have actually become pretty good, usually using just around 2 or 3 continues. besides, the ending is ultra lame, and the last boss is so ez.