How do I burn a Sega CD iso?

Pearl Jammzz

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I just downloaded a sega cd iso from this site, it was shining force cd. Anyways, I need to know how to burn this game so I can play it. Do i just burn the .rar file to a cd or do I have to do something special? Thanks to all those who help in advance.
ok, I got the Shinning Force CD iso and when i unzipped it, I had a raw file. How do I get an iso instead of a raw file? PLZ help, I REALLY need this game.
that works fine, if your not happy doing it that way choose all files when loading the iso into easy cd pro's iso box, all it is is that the iso is a RAW iso rather than a cooked iso
Good point
Hey thanks for the help and the game, don't got a sega cd but it works great on emulator :) Know where I can get Sonic CD?

I made an ISO file of the Shinning force CD.

I just put the CD on the cd player and "made an ISO file"

When i try to play, gives me the message:

Backup cartridge is not initialized.

press reset and go to control screen to initialize.

What can i do ???

PS. Sorry for my english...
you need to initalise the ram cart from the ioptions, the same as if you were using the real unit

just start it with no cd in the drive, then look for the options on the biod screen