How do you guys stay organized...


Hey what's up?

I was just wondering what program, if any, you guys use to schedule your day? I've been using Sidekick 99, but as the name implys, it's pretty dated. I'm looking for a program where you can enter tasks day by day, and check them off once there completed, and have any unchecked tasks carry over to the next day. And yes I am a loser. Thanks.


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Lotus Organizer. It's old as well, however, it does exactly what you're asking. The interface is pretty cool - it's like a 'paper organizer'.

I got it bundled w/ my Thinkpad way back when, so I'm sure it's fairly inexpensive on eBay, now.


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I just use a dry erase board. Nothing fancy for my "to do" list.

It's big enough for me to see from the other side of the room and I don't have to turn it on to see what I have to do for that day.

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I'm not organised or "together" enough to have a "to do" list, so I have no use for a scheduler.



I think having a schedule would make me less spontaneous, but I think I need one because people get mad at me because I forget things (birthdates, events, pick me ups).


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Do what you want, when you want, and nothing will be left undone!


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I'm a big fan of the whole Dry Erase Board for stuff I gotta do around the house. As for school I use one of them simple day planners that you can get at your pharmacy for about $10


Sticky notes and note pad for me.

If you want software Lotus Organizer is pretty good.

It too got it with my Thinkpad. I just never stuck to it.

I wish they would do another release of it with a more polished graphical interface.


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*cough* Mozilla Sunbird *cough*

It's no where near as amazing as Firefox, but I got hope for these guys. And hey, it does what I need it to do.
This is a strange thread to bump. Why? Ummm, well I use the number of cigarettes I have on me, the less I have the closer it comes time to get off my computer doing my usual work and get my ass out to the store for fuel, cigs, and food. I then know its time to clean and back on my comp to work.
wow, I was gunna say WB to a couple of people, mostly megametal, lol. Till I seen the bump message and the year.

I just use my head, on occasion i'll write stuff down but it's then just stuffed in my pocket and checked as I go.