How Frustrating is Ebay

that annoys me so much when you put a bid in for something that you have waited weeks to get and some noob comes along and puts 50p higher than you and gets it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
that's why you make sure you're not stupid enough to bid early. all bidding early does is drive the price of the item up beyond your reach.
And also realize that that bid is probably not the max that HE just is the minimum ammount above the max YOU bid.

You never know the winners max bid when an auction ends. For all you know he was willing to pay 100x what you set as a maximum.
which is why it's better to snipe. you see what the current price is in the last few seconds, you bid your absolute max. if their max is higher, they wanted it more, let them have it. there's no reason to get pissed about it since you didn't sit there fiending for it all week.

i've run about 2,000 auctions on eBay since '97 and i can honestly say that if it doesn't have a BIN on it and someone else wants it, you're not going to get a deal on it. everyone has this misconception that they should be able to get things cheaply on eBay and you can't. the real deals are hard to come by as i've seen games that i put up for a buck, go well over what i paid for them new. does it make sense? no, but it's supply and demand.
you never got what i said, right what i meant was the game was £6.00 50p more than my highest bid for it, so i went up to £10 then £15 and his max bid was still above at £16, so i made him pay more than £6.00 for it which is over double of what he thought he would get to pay for it. so i made him pay alot more, which makes me a super hero.

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