How hard is it to find/ does it exist

I was wondering if anyone knows if a Saturn Manufactured after April 1996 is available with the oval buttons and in 21 pin format?
Mine is oval button manufactured in July 1995. What's the big deal with the 21-pin thing? I had mine modded by, and they put a switch on the back for jap/us. Do you guys know if mine would be backup capable as well?
Originally posted by Stephen_Ri@Aug 28, 2003 @ 10:13 AM

Do you guys know if mine would be backup capable as well?


That's actually part of the problem. Oval button Saturns usually require 20 pin mod chips... which you just don't find anymore.

21 pin ones are usually circle button Saturns.

So a hybrid of 21 pin and oval buttons is a rare mix. Especially when you consider this board had the extra resistor and what-have-you needed for the access light. You can add one yourself, but that's not the point.
questions like this are why i'm doing the Saturn Model/Revision FAQ. if anyone would like to contribute, please contact me :)

also, if you got a dead saturn in some way, let me know
How do you tell when you console was made?

Mine is a oval button and im sure i counted 21pins. (not modded yet, but the internal memory is broken)
Nope just a shock hazad sticker, a sticker about who safety tested it and a C'lass 1 laser product' sticker.

EDIT: Yep definatly 21pin
There should be some year and month indicator on the top cover, it's kinda like written on the plastic :) (you'll have to open it, it's in the inside side lol)