How many saturns were actually sold?

although I do feel the need to comment on ff7/8...

after playing ff3 on SNES, ff7 seemed...kind of bland. i didnt like teh characters at all. i mean it had nice visuals compared to ff3, but that was kind of sort of expected because ff7 was supposed to showcase psx's new capabilities. i didnt like the soundtrack all that much either. the game just seemed a little rushed by square.

ff8, on the other hand, i liked a lot. it broke away from the usual FF's SD-esq char design. the characters were far more developed, compared to ff7. plus, u could tell much more work was done with the visuals and soundtrack. in my opinion, ff8 was like ff3 of psx.

also, ff9, u cant leave out because it kind of sort of 'sums up' the ff series before the big 10. it took the positive points from each one of teh FF's and put it into one single game (with lame story, however)

####. i forgot where i was going with this. -_-


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WHOA!! you're probably the ONLY person I've ever seen that thinks FFVIII is better than FFVII! That's a surprise! :)
I preferred FF8 too..

only thing it missed was the mini games.. But I liked the way the FMV and rendered characters blended so smoothly.. liked the story..

i liked how the monster's levelled up with the characters.. no more wandering around in a field killing imps for 3 months till you're at level XX..

And the GF junctioning/abilities added alot to the game mechanics, over the 'summons' of previous games (which were really just long drawn out spells).. That and drawing magic from the monsters.. much more strategy in the battles.. Quite frankly I get bored of tapping 'attack attack attack attack'..

Only thing it missed over FF7 were the mini-games.. Which I didnt even notice missing until I'd completed the game and thought 'hey i didnt do any snowboarding or whack a mole'